The Shiva Syndrome


SCI-FI/PARANORMAL/THRILLER:  Something horrific has happened to the small Russian city of Podolsk and the potential for the same fate to befall the rest of the planet grows exponentially as time goes by.  Disgraced research professor Beau Walker becomes part of a scientific team tasked with discovering the cause of the destruction and a way to prevent it from happening again.


“The Shiva Syndrome” is a riveting, page-turner, right from the start! The story draws from diverse sources such as science, parapsychology, and theology and fuses them into a cohesive narrative that is as thought provoking as it is exciting. It boggles the reader’s mind to consider all the careful research that went into this novel.  Definitely a labor of love, Mr. Joshua considers the story from multiple perspectives of opposing dogmas and fuses them in a beautifully coherent original theism.

The complexity of this story is its one downfall.  Characters often go to great lengths to debate differing viewpoints and perspectives, which slows the pace of the story.  Important as this information may be to the reader, the sometimes seemingly endless debates become tiresome.  Additionally, the characters are often referred to by more than one name, which can make following the storyline confusing.

Brilliantly written and researched, fans of science fiction and the paranormal will find “The Shiva Syndrome” a fantastic read.  Readers who love a story with multiple twists and turns and turn-the-page excitement will also love this book.

Gwenellen Tarbet