In The Kingdom's Name (Guardian of Scotland Book 2)


TIME TRAVEL:  This is the conclusion to the historical love story between William Wallace and Eva MacKay, as William continues his battle to free Scotland from English tyranny and suppression. When William becomes Guardian of Scotland and is knighted for his bravery, disaster strikes as Eva is swept back to the twenty first century, causing them both much heartache. For eight years Eva struggles to return to William only to fail, time after time. However, when fate grants her a boon and returns her to the love of her life, she frantically searches for a way to change history and the heartbreak to come.


Ms. Jarecki pens a memorable and creative tale that spans time, combining Scottish history and William Wallace with time travel and romance, transforming it into a riveting love story that has readers hoping for a change in history as they turn the pages rapidly to its conclusion. Although this novel stands alone, one will garner a greater understanding and fulfilling reading experience if the first book in the series is read before, not to mention the ability to completely engage with the story. With passionate characters that are well-drawn, vivid descriptions that come to life and a toe-curling romance that explodes on the pages, this historical time travel novel will appeal to readers of many genres and is a welcome addition to any library.


Janna Shay