Love For Sale


SCI-FI/FANTASY:  Newly divorced and just turned 40, March Morgan wonders if she’ll ever find true love. When she spies a tiny intriguing advertisement for a sentient android in the back of a magazine her mind races with the possibilities. Feeling foolish, yet trembling with excitement, she calls Mayfield Electronics and before she knows it, she’s in London choosing love-at-first-sight Christian to take home with her. She’s happy beyond belief and Christian appears to feel the same way. Her fantasy has come true and everything is perfect. Except it’s not. Life is not a fantasy and love is never simple, but when Christian’s existence is threatened March is willing to do anything to keep her soul mate.


Do sentient androids have the same rights as humans and is it possible to buy a relationship when all other avenues have failed? What a slippery slope to navigate in this romantic science fiction tale of android love! March and Christian have distinct personalities yet they lack in depth, just skimming the surface and relying on their shared love and the obstacles surrounding Christian’s presence to carry the weight of the storyline. An ominous arc concerning Mayfield is added for suspense, but is left largely unfulfilled until the end. Wading through an inconsistent timeline leaves the reader befuddled and the conclusion rushes into a too tidy and convenient ending. Reprogramming the character parameters, expanding on the basic plot and building on the suspense would have this love story functioning at optimum capacity.


Carol Conley