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VICTORIAN:  Determined to marry for love, Lady Sarah Roseingtons four Seasons haven

Confess, The Blue Line, #1

When a dormant serial killer suddenly begins killing again in Rebel Rapids after a lull of 13 years, Nashville Detective Mitch Kilpatrick decides to investigate despite orders to stay away from the cases. While hunting the killer Mitch meets Lacy Andrews, the daughter of the police chief.

PARANORMAL:  This book is the second in the Maura Deluca Trilogy. Maura Delucas life has become so much more complicated in the blink of an eye.

One Simple Favour

It was meant to be a simple pick up at the bus station. Tricia Pilgrim could never have imagined what was in store for her when she agreed to collect her twice-removed third cousin-in-law named Mike from the bus station.

On the run from her previous life, Collette Barbier works hard as a seamstress to keep her sister Helene safe and put food on the table. Recovering from gunshot wounds that almost killed him, Valentine Kelly finds the French seamstress rather unpleasant, even though easy on the eyes.