Undertow: Death’s Twilight – Book 2 of the Maura Deluca Trilogy

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  This book is the second in the Maura Deluca Trilogy. Maura Delucas life has become so much more complicated in the blink of an eye. The Father she never knew has returned with some unbelievable news, and she finds herself having to navigate life pretending to be a normal teenager while coping with what she has been told.


When her parents are forced to leave her alone, she meets someone who at first seems friendly. This new friend can answer all her questions, but who also seems to question her love for her boyfriend Ron. Without her parents to guide her, Maura finds herself making decisions that may not be the best but despite that, she will have to deal with the consequences.


One aspect about this book is that it is easy to follow, even if the first book hasnt been read. The author gives the right amount of information needed to follow whats been going on without overloading the reader with backstory. The characters are well presented and individual in their own ways. New characters develop well as the story continues and the main character Maura develops more as shes forced to make some very tough choices. The novel has a lovely romance element in both aspects of Maura and her parents. This novel ends in an amazing way and leaves the reader itching for the next book in the trilogy and to read other books written by the author.


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick