One Simple Favour


It was meant to be a simple pick up at the bus station. Tricia Pilgrim could never have imagined what was in store for her when she agreed to collect her twice-removed third cousin-in-law named Mike from the bus station. What starts out as a "knight in shining armour" moment quickly becomes a long night of action-packed chaos. All Tricia knows is that the handsome, strong cousin Mike isnt all that he appears and, despite only knowing him for several hours, shes willing to put her life in his hands. 


This book has a lot of potential. The storyline is excellent and it could have held the reader had it been paced correctly. Unfortunately, the book feels as though it was rushed and there was a need to fit all the action in no matter what. The action scenes were difficult to follow and there had to be some reading back to know what was going on. 

The characters and storyline in this book have so much potential! Unfortunately, it didn’t feel as though they were fully developed and thus they did not feel believable.Given that the book is set over a few hours, it felt as though the author tried to cram as much into those hours as possible. This disrupted the pace of the book and all in all made it difficult to follow.  A thorough edit would benefit this novel in so many ways - to polish the unforgettable premise, whittle down the action scenes, and develop the author's characters. Tricia and Mikes's story deserves it! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick