Scandalous Intentions, Ladies and Scoundrels, #2


VICTORIAN:  Determined to marry for love, Lady Sarah Roseingtons four Seasons havent yet turned up a prospect that makes her heart flutter. Until Lord Julian Carrington, Marquess of Luvington sets his sights on her. Sarah is the epitome of respectable. What could the rakish Luvington want with her? With his title at stake, Julian continues to pursue her despite her rebuffs. Sarahs reputation means the world to her, but will she be able to resist his attentions as well as her traitorous heart?


Looking for a fast-paced, heart-fluttering historical romance? Then look no further! Alternating POVs give the reader equal time with Sarah and Julian, who are likeable well-rounded characters despite the brevity of the story. Julian may have started out looking for a respectable wife to help secure his inheritance, but what he finds in Sarah surprises him. Sarah is a smart woman who knows Julian has a secret agenda, but her heart compels her to give him more than one chance. The pace is quick, the romance is lively and while the secondary characters add some depth to the environment, they stay mostly in the background. A bit more world-building would not go amiss, but ultimately this story is all about Julian and Sarah and it is delicious. Amanda Mariel is an author to watch!


Carol Conley