Confess, The Blue Line, #1


When a dormant serial killer suddenly begins killing again in Rebel Rapids after a lull of 13 years, Nashville Detective Mitch Kilpatrick decides to investigate despite orders to stay away from the cases. While hunting the killer Mitch meets Lacy Andrews, the daughter of the police chief. Drawn to each other they decide to explore their mutual attraction even though they are both harbouring secrets. With a serial killer on the loose are these secrets trivial to the cases or crucial in preventing additional deaths?


Have plenty of favourite cooling methods on hand, because this romantic suspense is scorching hot! The sexual tension between Mitch and Lacy reaches out from beyond the pages to envelope and overwhelm ones senses. Unfortunately, the heat between the characters dominates the story and the suspense is pushed aside to a mere afterthought. In addition, there are serious editing issues that need to be addressed in order to ensure a smoothly flowing narrative. While the characters are multi-layered with richly detailed strengths and flaws, their emotions seem to fluctuate wildly without any warning or smooth transition, leaving the reader whiplashed and occasionally confused. Trimming the heat, ramping up the suspense and adding a final editorial polish would have readers begging for more even as they turn on all the lights and lock the doors.


Carol Conley