Desert Sunrise (Love in the Sierras #2)


On the run from her previous life, Collette Barbier works hard as a seamstress to keep her sister Helene safe and put food on the table. Recovering from gunshot wounds that almost killed him, Valentine Kelly finds the French seamstress rather unpleasant, even though easy on the eyes. When his actions put Collette and Helene in danger, Val will fight to protect the woman he begins to grow fond of the longer he spends time with her. As theyre thrust together in dangerous situations, both must overcome their stubbornness in order to survive, giving way to more intimate feelings. 


Desert Sunrise” is an awesome book that keeps the reader guessing until the very end! Just when one mystery is figured out, there is another waiting round the corner to surprise. The novel starts off with a snippet of the past and then the yummy male character who, as the book progresses, builds up his strength and becomes extra yummy. The interaction between Valentine and the sharp tongued Collette really keeps the pace of the novel going and its written in a way that means the reader cant wait until they meet next.  As the novel progresses, the storyline has such a pull that the reader is taken on an exciting journey where anything can happen. People who read this book will have a thrilling ride with a steamy romance and will definitely want to read more from this fantastic author!


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick