Recent Reviews

SCI-FI:  After three brutal years as bond servant to Lucius Mercio, one of the most powerful men in the Twelve systems, Lilian is finally free and serves as protégé for Lucius’ Serengeti Group. Still, the road is not easy. Lilian must deny continuing a liaison with Lucius despite his determined insistence otherwise.

Duke of Disgrace

REGENCY:  Lord Jeremy Hareden came home from the war a duke, without a hand, harboring an opiate addiction and a wife who is publicly cuckolding him. From the time he was young, however, he swore he would never become like his unfeeling, philandering father.

Trusting Travis

WESTERN:  Mari Jones has not had a good life. It has been a fight for as long as she can remember and she has learned to trust no one but herself.  When she finds herself in the small town of Hollister, Montana with its warm and welcoming people, she sees it as too good to be true.  

Captain Red “Cutlass” Conall is an Irish pirate on the run from local police in a small port town in France. His luck of finding an unlocked door ushers him into a simple home of a single French woman. Aurelie ”Lila” Gavreau finds herself hiding a pirate while also caring for his injuries.

“Antonius: Second in Command” is the story of Commander Marcus Antonius, who fought at every command of Julius Caesar. The wars were bloody, men were lost, however, Marcus earned respect. He is called to serve Julius Caesar as a legate in the Senate. Although Antonius preferred the battlefield to politics, he respectfully served the man who Rome began to turn on.