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Finding Fisher

Chloe is a pampered, Beverly Hills-bred, Stanford-attending, Harvard Law School-bound poor little rich girl whose parents, both attorneys for the stars, make sure she wants for nothing. Chloe is engaged to Franklin Smith, a boy who claims he’s the only child of Wall Street banker parents who commute daily to and from their wealthy New Jersey neighborhood.

FANTASY:  The sequel to Bloodline is a two-part story about the magical, fictional world of Ayrenia and the fabricated gods, goddesses, and mythical creatures co-existing alongside them. It centers on two strong female characters destined to lead in very different ways.

Phantom Traces

Goth-dressing Abigail Stryker moves to a town in the Blue Ridge foothills of North Carolina, prepared to run the historical Harvey library. Even rumors of a resident pipe-smoking, book-throwing ghost doesn’t keep Abby from striving to save the adored library.

Needing an income to support her sister, Rhia Duke takes a schoolteacher position in Nebraska. However, Rhia soon discovers the circumstances are not what they seem.

Dave Knight lives a vicarious life. A smokejumper, he plays hard and lives dangerously until he tempts fate one time too many. Olivia Benedetti-Harper thought she had married the perfect man - but a perfect match does not a loving relationship make.