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The Legacy

Caroline's life is turned upside down after an accident that claims the life of her husband and pianist, Grant Alexander. By some kind of miracle a blood transfusion is performe

Meet Me in Paris

MEMOIR:  After her marriage fails, Juliette decides to not only shake the old ball and chain, but flee to Paris in order to continue a delicious affair with the kind of man one 

Best-selling author Cristina Cruz, has suffered some setbacks over the past year.

Alice in Monologue Land

WOMEN'S FICTION/HEN-LIT:  ESL instructor Alice Chalmers just can’t seem to catch a break.  Her divorce left her with a pile of bills, two part-time jobs and carpool, so why should she get a pass on a Venu

After witnessing a murder, editor Abby Monroe is faced with protective custody but decides to wing it on her own in the community where she was raised.  It also happens to be the home to her former one-ni