Sunset Reads: William and Cristina (Sunset Reads #1)


Best-selling author Cristina Cruz, has suffered some setbacks over the past year. A breakup with her boyfriend and the death of her best friend [who also ran the publishing house for which she was contracted] have upset her so much she now has writers block.  


William Jameson has returned home to take his rightful place as CEO of his mother’s publishing house, Sunset Reads.  He finds that the antiquated practices and lax attitude needs a firm hand.  Sparks fly when Cristina and William butt heads over his new guidelines, but can the rules cause them permanent damage or will the word smith turn both their worlds upside down? 


Reminiscent of Grant and Loren, this story has serious moxie.  Some readers may even hum the popular tune of Love Song.  Set in modern day New York, Cristina and William find themselves adversaries with enough sparks to light a room.  Cristina, however brilliant with a plot line, constantly questions life in her own skin.  Readers might find this juxtaposition between those insecurities and her explosive temper with William not ringing true to character.  William is complicated and readers may be left wondering more about his history.  Some further editing is needed for the use of the word worst along with other items such as missing words and misplaced quotation marks. Given this is the flagship installment of this series, readers will be waiting on subsequent installments with bated breath.   


Jordyn Teel