Meet Me in Paris


MEMOIR:  After her marriage fails, Juliette decides to not only shake the old ball and chain, but flee to Paris in order to continue a delicious affair with the kind of man one usually reads about in books or sees on film. However, it is not all fun and games. The longer this romance is indulged in, the stronger her feelings become, placing her right back in the seat of fire with a second relationship that could tear out her heart if she is not careful. This memoir is as honest as they come and delivers the hope of a fairy-tale ending for one who is usually only writing about them.


An emotional journey of struggle, hope and desire that is as close to fiction as real life can get, the author bares her soul so candidly that anyone can relate to much of her pain and happiness. There are some quite heavy topics discussed such as adultery and drug use that may shock some readers, yet there are such light elements adding a delightful Parisian twist to chick-lit. Nick is pretty tempting, yet his marital status and open relationship attitude may also bring some heartbeats to either a slower pace or a dead stop. There are a few occasions where there are small excuses or justifications passed on to the reader that are rather unnecessary, yet over all the emphatic manner of writing captivates and is delectable proving that every one truly deserves their happily ever after.


Margaret Faria