Smoke and Mirrors (Up in Smoke #1)


After witnessing a murder, editor Abby Monroe is faced with protective custody but decides to wing it on her own in the community where she was raised.  It also happens to be the home to her former one-night stand buddy Graeme Tucker, but she wants to see if he would help keep her safe. Former agent-turned-bar-owner Graeme Tucker put protection in his past after a devastating injury.  He never forgot about his one night with Abby Monroe, but is that attraction enough to bring him out of retirement to help keep Abby safe? 


A quick poolside read, “Smoke and Mirrors” will intrigue mystery and romance readers alike.  The Orange Beach setting in this contemporary story is perfect for the summer time get away.  Abby, who is trying to keep a low profile, doesn’t have qualms about contacting her family members who don’t realize she’s in hiding, or taking daily strolls to Graeme’s bar down the beach, which gives the impression of easy target material for this divorced thirty-seven year old who has lived in New Orleans for several years.  Hunky Graeme’s tough-as-nails persona will give readers enough of a glimpse of who he is as a former agent, but not enough background details to know what his former job duties were, nor the details of his injury, which could cause some reader’s interest to wane.  Some verb tense issues are present but could be resolved with copyediting.  There are decidedly strong elements of mystery sprinkled throughout that will keep readers guessing this who-done-it until the end. 


Jordyn Teel