Alice in Monologue Land


WOMEN'S FICTION/HEN-LIT:  ESL instructor Alice Chalmers just can’t seem to catch a break.  Her divorce left her with a pile of bills, two part-time jobs and carpool, so why should she get a pass on a Venus Monologues production?  Roped into the performance, she’s overwhelmed as she prepares, while keeping the production details from her family, making influential friends and praying she can land the full-time instructor position that just came open.  When female students in her classes start disappearing, Alice is hard pressed to juggle her commitments and help uncover the truth behind the disappearances while contending with three confusing would-be suitors.


Wittily entertaining, “Alice in Monologue Land” is for the not-so-perfect, second-chance woman in waiting. Forever quirky and witty, it is not for the faint of heart as the monologues revolve around the “V” word.  Alice is an endearing character who many readers will quickly relate to. This modern day romance-mystery will keep readers engaged to unravel the mystery and see how Alice’s train wreck life keeps evolving.  However, Alice’s constant incidents, while entertaining, may be viewed as overkill and be another factor causing readers to toss this story to the side, but perseverance will pay off for this happily-ever-after.  Editing issues such as missing words, adjectives, quotation marks, and transposed words may tend to impede readers enjoyment with this story.  Kudos to the author on this multi-cultural journey of self-discovery and acceptance, which brings to light the ESL community and their struggles.


Jordyn Teel