The Legacy


Caroline's life is turned upside down after an accident that claims the life of her husband and pianist, Grant Alexander. By some kind of miracle a blood transfusion is performed by two doctors who just happened to have witnessed the accident. However, the true miracle was not saving Caroline's life but transferring Grant's talent to her. She is visited by his ghost and encouraged to play, but all of this has taken its toll on her and she refuses to live a life as a paranormal host. When she seeks help from a medium, Quinton Lucas, falling in love again becomes its own kind of cure but she begins to doubt she will ever be free of Grant to completely move on.


The love between Caroline and Grant gets lost somehow and is overshadowed by her determination to be free of him right from the first chapter. Grant's ghost becomes a bully, once again tearing away at foundation of the initial love story. The characters continue to just go through the motions and there is nothing really connecting the reader to any of them, particularly Caroline, who lacks any show of real emotion. Her romance with Quinton seems void of true feeling and can be seen as bad timing and/or taste so soon after her husband's death. Her relationship with her father also seems lacking in sentiment.  The introduction of religion also seems to not have been well thought out nor does anything to enhance the story. The whole concept though is rather intriguing and with many possibilities that just fell short of their mark.


Margaret Faria