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Sam Conrad’s controlling father is trying to push him too far this time.

Where the Water Rages

Kimly Denim is an American journalist whose marriage is on the rocks. She is feeling unfulfilled in her job, and wants to be a greater asset as a person and make a difference in the world.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Noah Carter has battled the demons of his past for years. He’s been successful as long as he keeps his past locked away, but one day, a note from his uncle finds him and he’s confronted with all those old feelings of anger and inadequacy.

For months Kimi Fairchild has served “Dr.

Garden of Her Heart

HISTORICAL:  Miko was fired from her job as a secretary right after the announcement that the US government was going to remove all Japanese to "holding" locations while they built the internment camps later used. Kicked off the bus, she walks to her grandparents' farm, hoping her family is still there. Instead, she finds an injured soldier passed out on the front porch.