Reviews - Inspirational

Redeeming Honor
E. A.

Meghan Carpenter is happy to give her twin brother Ryan a safe place to recover after he returns home from the war. When Ryan asks to bring home a wounded buddy as well, she agrees without question. A bit more help around her alpaca farm so she can run her yarn business would be appreciated.

Her Good Girl

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Sadie Tremont is tired of doctor's. Growing up, her mother has insisted that she has had one mysterious illness after another. Her mother often demands that doctors see her and treat illnesses they can never find.  Sadie is starting to suspect that all the sickness and Tari Lynn's remedies are slowly killing her.

HISTORICAL:  Tilly Carver gathers the courage to seize the opportunity to run from her abusive father. Her attempt seems futile when mortal danger comes upon her in the form of a bear. She is rescued by an unlikely savior named Clayton Baxter. He takes her to his family's estate where his mother takes an immediate liking to her.

Hazel’s life is all going according to plan. The problem is, she is not sure it’s HER plan. When her best friend and roommate Jenny ends up in the hospital, she begs Hazel to cover for her escorting a horse to a new ranch to stud. Hazel knows nothing about being a vet or country living.

HISTORICAL:  Nicolette Carpenter is about to lose her family’s hotel. The bank is going to foreclose in a few days, and with only a single room let, Nicolette is running out of options — until a handsome lawman arrives in town. Malachi is hunting an outlaw; he comes to the Good Comfort Hotel for a rare chance to sleep in a real bed while he searches for the criminal.