Then She Sang


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Single mom, Tracey, is back home and plans to raise her infant daughter, Emilie, surrounded by love, safety and security. It is not perfect or easy, but better than the alternative she left behind them. She has a plan with family and good girlfriends. So far, she is off to a decent start for her and Emilie. Then she runs into Alex. Her childhood best friend, he has grown into a handsome and winsome man who adores her daughter and makes her remember why she always loved him. Until she left town years ago and broke his heart. They seamlessly re-integrate.

This is a breath-taking, beautiful, and painfully poignant story. Scenes where Tracey and her brother meet up are so beautifully written, it brings a tear to the reader’s eye. The flaws of some family members are painfully heartbreaking. Tracey and Alex have terrific chemistry, rooted in childhood friendship. The way Alex cares for baby Emilie is endearing. Tracey’s friends are genuine.  The story falls flat with the conflict, there is only one and it surfaces about 2/3 through the book. The character’s ways of handling it could seem unrealistic or shallow. There are also multiple episodes of consensual sex, but nothing overly graphic. The conclusion is satisfying. Aside from a flat conflict and the occasional backstory bog down, readers will love this "feel good" story!

Emerson Matthews