Island of Promise: Book 2 of the Chincoteague Island Trilogy


Zach is a man with a past. A retired US Army sniper now living on Chincoteague Island, he’s been trying to recover his humanity – and finds complications in his blossoming feelings for his beautiful, widowed next-door neighbor, Kayla.

Despite being a busy single mom to two rambunctious sons and running her own business, Kayla has fallen hard and fast for her brooding, good-hearted neighbor. But the way to romance is not going to be smooth: young boys have been disappearing on the island, leading Kayla to fear for her own sons…and then she receives a bad diagnosis. Between making a living, dealing with a serial killer loose in her once-safe community, and battling for her own life, how can Kayla possibly hope for a future with Zach?

Family, faith, friends, and hope: these ideas are at the core of Ms. Schisler’s story of a young widow’s struggle with cancer and new love. The characters are relatable and loveable, and Chincoteague Island shines as a place of refuge and recovery, now threatened by terrible crimes against the young. However, the dark secondary story of the murdered boys is only occasionally mentioned, and then too-quickly dismissed. Swift narrative pacing makes it difficult for the reader to really dig into the deeper issues of illness and grief and those readers who haven’t read the first book might find the backstory confusing at first. However, Ms. Schisler’s warm hearted characters and gentle, hopeful touch makes for a nice escape.

Janice Martin