Love’s Challenge: First Street Church Romances: (Kindle Worlds Novella)


Set in the time of the Korean War, "Love's Challenge" illustrates its effect on young lovers Laura Beth Walters and Joey McCall.  Their first challenge is Joey’s time away at college, and then they thought they were ready to be married. Instead, Joey is drafted to go away to Korea to fight, leaving Laura Beth home alone and estranged from her doting daddy. They steadfastly endure the hardships of being separated. However, once Joey returns home, the hardest battle of their lives begins in the form of tragedy testing their devotion in unexpected ways. 

This is part of the First Street Church novellas by various authors. It is a sweet, historical love story of two young people and the typical challenges they faced. It was severely hampered by either poor or nonexistent editing. The town’s name changed between two choices a number of times, and there were no less than fourteen errors starting within the first few pages and carrying on until the end. While the Korean War was a very real challenge to lovers and others alike, sometimes the character’s behaviors were not believable to their situations. At times, the pacing tended to drag, until the characters caught up with the story’s timeline. This is a sweet, short story, by a talented author, which could have been so much better with good editing. Readers able to overlook the errors will be rewarded with a nice historical love story dipped in growing faith by the talented Aubrey Wynne. 

Emerson Matthews