Island of Miracles


Katherine Middleton enjoyed her life, happily married to a pilot and employed by the Smithsonian, but free to party in the evenings. Then Katherine answers a phone call and discovers her marriage is a sham. Deciding to leave her family home in Georgetown and start over, Katherine quits her job, and uses her savings to hide out on Chincoteague Island. Life on the beach in a small community introduces Katherine to caring neighbors, restores trust, and reminds her of her goals even as her past haunts her steps. As Katherine learns to slow down, she meets Aaron, who makes her want to live again. With so many secrets between them, and so much failure in her life, can Katherine trust herself and find the faith to move forward?

An inspirational contemporary romance, “Island of Miracles” is the first in the Chincoteague Island Trilogy and a tale of growth, building confidence, and sweet romance. The relationship between Kate and Aaron develops slowly and realistically, further the relationships between siblings in this story is equally vivid and overall, the interplay between the characters provides many moments of sweet romance, strength, faith, and inspiration. While, the conflict with Kate’s ex and the action are minor and predictable, the story has plenty of solid writing to keep the reader engaged. Overall, this is a good story, one that sets the stage for the series properly and really is worth the read.

Sarah E Bradley