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In this spinoff of the Blue Eyes Trilogy”, Devin Alexand

A Brand New Address

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE THRILLER:  The earth is in the throes of a second Ice Age. Humanity has fled to space to survive but those too poor to leave remain on earth, desperate to survive the snow. After nuclear war destroyed any chance to live on Mars, Venus is the last hope.

Leah (Worlds Apart #1)

PARANORMAL:  Leah has been having terrible dreams since her mother died in a car accident when she was small. Her father has become increasingly controlling and violent, completely at odds with the man he used to be.

Bring Down the Rain
J. Lloyd

When an accident ends Dereks dreams of playing baseball in the major leagues and shatters his family, he moves to Utah and begins his senior year at Orem High school

The second in The Risen Kingseries begins with war sha