Ladies in Waiting


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Five strangers meet at the Jersey Shore expecting to be led through planned activities on a retreat meant for women over fifty. Markie, Liv, Andi and Julia all fit the age requirement. However Cee Cee, age thirty-two, worries that she will be kicked out. After waiting for the retreat leader on the porch for a while, most of the ladies decide to hunt for the key and are successful. Thus, a weeklong adventure into their reinvention begins.

The first question: why is Cee Cee there? One can't help but be enveloped in this story from beginning to end, thanks to the rich and authentic histories that explain the nature of these mature characters. There is a romantic element, but it does not dominate the story. Recreational drug use is present. Though some may crave isolation, reality has a way of sneaking in and complicating things. The author doles information out a bit at a time, encouraging the reader to turn pages and find surprises along the way. This beautifully crafted, thought-provoking story left a lasting impression. If the reader is looking for a page-turner without idealistic youthful infatuation as a major player, this one is highly recommended!

Heather R. Nielsen