A Gypsy’s Kiss (The Sectorium)


NEW ADULT/PARANORMAL/SPORTS:  Breena is an intelligent young woman who makes a living reading tarot cards at the sorority parties at her college. But Breena doesn’t need to guess about people’s future: she can actually see it when she touches people. This kept her isolated from others and made it near impossible for her to have a normal relationship – just explaining why she wears gloves day in, day out is near impossible. 

Hawk is a member of the college hockey team, and gorgeous enough that just about every female on campus wants him. He also has a secret ability of his own: namely, to track people and objects. He has no intention of settling down, but when he needs to ask Breena for help, she might just change his mind. 

“A Gypsy’s Kiss” is a spin-off of the author’s previous series, but a new reader can pick up right here, as the book works as a stand-alone too.

The book is a romance first, but a mystery second, and the mystery part of it works rather well. They have to put their new friendship to the test, as well as their powers, if they want to make it out of this unscathed. The romance takes a while to build up, but the characters have good chemistry, and they have a definite pull toward each other. The plot is fast-paced, and once one starts reading, they won’t be able to stop! 


Majanka Verstraete