Men Like This (The Long Shot Romance #1)


Talking for hours at a bar in Hollywood with Irish actor Jack Decker leads to an inspiring one-night-stand for successful novelist and divorcee, Quinn Buzzly. A skeptic when it comes to romantic love, Quinn’s family is surprised when she brings up the idea of spending a year writing a historical romance. This is a wild departure from the genre she is known for. She decides to write under a different pen name and move to England in the name of research. Thirteen-year-old Seth, given the choice, elects to live with his dad.

The reader naturally asks: “with a one-night-stand to start, how is the author going to develop the story?”  "Once bitten, twice shy" sums up the plot nicely. One expects a happy ending, but the fun is in how that ending is achieved. Refreshingly unique turns of phrase are used. The author’s antagonists drive the plot and her protagonists are proactive, but the roles of said characters are not always so cut and dry. This allows for twists in the plot. The characters’ own writing process is included, which adds interest.

This story highlights the balancing act between Quinn’s work as an author and the roller coaster that is her home life; whether that home is in England or the United States.

Heather R. Nielsen