The Day the Words Went Away


COMEDY:  Peter is a loveable, funny nerd with a theory: creativity is dead; there are no original ideas left in the world. He makes a bet with his best friend to prove it.  This bet has him stumbling from one awkward situation to the next and from one adventure to another, proving that maybe - just maybe - originality isn’t dead after all. 

Peter is a funny, witty character who barely knows how to talk to a girl, but who is clever enough about almost everything else. Reading this book is like going on a hike with the characters from the Big Bang Theory or the I.T. Crowd. There are plenty of secondary characters too, like Andy and his wife, Angie. They’re very different from Peter – Angie, for instance, is a feisty Latina who knows what she wants and when she wants it. Together, the characters form an interesting and entertaining group with all their little quirks and flaws.  

The story combines several plot lines to make it into a twisted, wacky collection of happenings that makes no sense and at the same time, makes all the sense in the world. They even end up in a terrorist camp! Despite having a lot of action, the book manages to stay humorous throughout although maybe not laugh-out-loud humorous. Definitely entertaining, Christina Escamilla has penned a quirky adventure bound to make you smile. 

Majanka Verstraete