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Dragon by Midnight

FANTASY: Attending the prince’s ball should help Cinderella reclaim her mother’s estate. Instead when the clock strikes midnight, she turns into a dragon. Sikandar is a sorcerer from an infamous family of assassins. He arrives at the palace seeking an artifact that could mean his redemption.

Diamonds and Dust (Gems of the West Book 1)
Marie Higgins and
Stacey Haynes

Dusty Sloan is on the trail of diamond thieves when his stagecoach is attacked. A dedicated Pinkerton agent, he can handle himself and catch his man. But dealing with Miss Callie Beckman, a beautiful woman with secrets of her own at the same time, might be the challenge Dusty didn’t know he needed. Callie desperately needs to find her missing brother without involving the law.

After five difficult years, Hayley Cutter’s dreams of owning and operating a completely vegan cookie business in her home town has finally come true. But then a ruthless businessman moves in across the street and attempts to steal her business right before Christmas. When he turns up dead, seemingly killed by Hayley’s specialty macaroons, Hayley becomes the number one suspect.

Blades of Arris: Zai

SCIENCE FICTION: The Empire rules over lesser planets, enforced by fierce Blades. One of these lesser planets is Humana, where humans reside. When several females from Humana are contaminated with Arrisan lust metal, they are sent away on a medical ship for further examination and research. However, after the ship is hijacked, Esma finds herself face-to-face with one of the Blades.

Fall to Pieces

Another young boy is found dead in the streets of Philadelphia with no evidence left behind. The homicide unit is left to tackle the mystery, but working with the death of young children is never easy.