A Governess of Wise Years (The Governess Bureau Book 6)

Emily EK

Fifteen years ago, Miss Vivienne Clarke turned down a marriage proposal in order to get her Governess Bureau off the ground. Over the years she built it into the premier agency from which the aristocracy and even royalty procured their governesses. Now it has come crashing down around her due to the marriages of several of her governesses to their employers. The papers are full of the scandal. Vivienne has only one client left on her books-- the man she left fifteen years ago--and there's only one governess left, herself. Edwin, Viscount Bysshe has never forgotten Vivienne nor forgiven her. But he has a daughter to care for, a daughter he does not understand. Can these two lonesome people bridge the chasm between them to find a future of love?

"A Governess of Wise Years" offers an emotional journey that brings two lonely hearts together for a second chance at love! Vivienne's identity is clearly wrapped up in the Governess Bureau she built, but we never understand why that mattered more than marriage given the time period and mores. Edwin, for his part, looks forward to bringing Vivienne down low and he never seems to rise to hero material. As a result, just about every interaction and conversation for the first half of the book is antagonistic. Numerous internal monologues also slow the pace of the story. However, the climax picks things up and the heartwarming conclusion satisfies. Fans of The Governess Bureau series will enjoy this final installment in which a governess of wise years discovers love, happiness, and the joy of family with her one true love!

Tricia Hill