Edward and Amelia


Edward Drayton, Earl of Norwich, has gained an unfortunate reputation as a rake in Society. Unfortunate, because now he plans to find a wife, and the lady he finds only knows his reputation. Amelia Kennington would like nothing more than to return to the country, but as the youngest daughter of a duke, her opinion is not required. When an ill-timed walk results in a scandalous encounter with the Earl, both Edward and Amelia find themselves in a marriage neither of them expected. Despite the gossip, Edward is determined to win over his wife. But from jealousy to rumors threatening their new relationship, they will find that while their marriage might be unconventional, it will take an equally unconventional love to match.
A rare gem in a slew of historical romances! “Edward and Amelia” is a witty, slow burn romance that plays up certain realities of marrying to preserve and in spite of one’s reputation. Both Edward and Amelia are well fleshed characters that complement one another. They struggle with their perceptions of one another and yet the reader will find themselves equally entertained as they fall for the person, they each really are. The conflict in the story is well done and while it has some common tropes and the basics of the romance are predictable, they are excellently played here so that the heroine is able to meet her challenges realistically without love triangles or overly flat antagonists. Additionally, the pace is steady, and the story is superbly written. Overall, readers who enjoy Regency and Victorian type romances will find this book to be a delight and well worth the read!
Sarah E Bradley