Bonds We Break - Blood and Bone, Book 3


Mia Stone is a young woman with a complicated life even she can't make sense of! Being in love with two men who just happen to be best friends and bandmates is a sure fire recipe for disaster, and she's cooking with gas! A dark consuming love for Jack causes pain and destruction. A bright comforting love for Cash gives her strength and joy. So when the band breaks up, it leaves her life in limbo. Will the bonds of matrimony with Cash bend enough to hold up to her betrayal? Will the bonds of her love be strong enough to withstand Jack’s addiction? Will she be able to come to grips with the strong feelings she has for both men, make the right choice, and deal with the consequences?

Powerfully poetic and realistically raw, "Bonds We Break" is a gripping love triangle that pulls readers in for a rollercoaster ride of emotions! Many different types of bonds are tested in Mia’s life story. Readers will be immediately captivated by the intensity of how she goes through life. Her passionate drive and abundant creativity leaps from the pages giving readers an intimate look at how Mia ticks. The men in her life are strong forces who push and pull her in a rushing river of intensive feelings she has a rough time navigating. Although this installment doesn't dive deeply into the music world inhabited by Mia and friends, there is enough description of how the songwriting process works that will provide an inkling of an artist's mind set. Ms. Dombrowiak manages to deliver a rock star saga filled with strongly relatable characters dealing with love, life, and the fallout from the bonds we break. Readers will be begging for more of her engrossing storytelling about the adventures and love lives of the band members of MOGO.

Tonya Mathenia