Winning Her Highland Warrior (Time to Love a Highlander Book 3)


TIME TRAVEL: Satia St. Clair worked her way up from the streets to a university researcher. She's determined to prevent her foster sister's cancer from coming back and to get her reputation back after her research was stolen. In the early morning hours she wades into a Scottish loch to collect samples and wakes up in the 1300s. Kane MacPherson rescues the lady from the lake, certain she is a faerie queen. It doesn't take long for Satia to set him straight, but it leaves her with a major predicament: how can she return to her time? Kane finds himself falling for the unusual woman, but he needs her to choose him. When Satia discovers a way of returning to her time, it puts everything on the line. How can a woman from the future hold on to a man from the past?

"Winning Her Highland Warrior" rockets the plot from a medieval romance to a time-traveling adventure! Satia is tough, smart, and a product of her time. Kane is caring, compassionate, and a warrior to his soul. The story begins in the present and immediately grabs the reader's attention. The romance between Satia and Kane develops at a natural pace. However, aside from the occasional worry that she'll be burned as a witch, Satia accepts life in the 1300s too readily. We never see her truly debate the risks of living in such a harsh time period. Nonetheless, there are some unexpected twists to keep the story engaging along with strong supporting characters. For a love that transcends time, "Winning Her Highland Warrior" hits the mark!

Tricia Hill