The Dog Days of Murder


Greenbrier is a small rural community near the Virginia-Carolina border where Veterinarian Ginny Reese plans to make her dreams come true by acquiring the community’s vet clinic. To her dismay, an outsider, Dr. Rachel Burnham, beats her to it and acquires the clinic without Ginny’s knowledge. While Ginny tries to figure out other career-enhancing options, her mother has other plans in mind… like getting the clinic for her daughter by all means. Coincidentally, she voices one of those ways, a dangerous one, in a public place which gets her into a nasty situation after Dr. Burnham is found dead in her office at the clinic.

As the unfaltering Ginny struggles to treat her doggy patients with her veterinary prowess, the reader is ushered into the vibrant world of a dog-loving community, which is not only entertaining but also very engaging. Whatever concerns may be in the reader’s mind flake off as soon as the lead character picks up the task of digging into the life of the community’s new members. The loyalty of Ginny’s trusted companion, Remy, is the cherry on top of the cake for all pet enthusiasts. The rather uphill climb of the first several pages as the reader tries to wrap their mind around the flow of events could deter some readers from seeing the fully-blossomed multi-fold mystery this book turns out to be. Also, the narrative’s pointing to the obvious main suspect in the first murder case threatens to dim the thrill of the murder investigation. Overall, all dog lovers should enjoy the prepossessing fragrance this book radiates to the reader’s mind.

JM Lareen