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Of Mist and Memory

TIME TRAVEL: Sydney Richmond has been working hard for years all for one goal: to buy her own Scottish island—and she’s got the perfect one in mind! Oorlich Isle is everything she’s wanted, and it’s for sale! And haunted. The resident Highlander ghost has scared off all the previous owners. Sydney will not be one of them!

Rebel, a half fae, half witch, oversees an academy for delinquent teenage vampires. As if that weren’t difficult enough for her already, things take a turn for the worse when the vampire librarian at the academy, Professor Goreson, is murdered. Rebel is now on the hunt to find the killer and make the academy safe again.

Bee Conspiracy

Detective “Duke” Wayne has been stuck working at his desk at LAPD for too long. He is trying his hardest to find a way to start working back out in the field but has so far been unsuccessful. Until one day, his Captain asks him to do a Field Investigation Report on what is believed to be an accidental death by bees.

Euphemia “Effie” Darrow has put her all into creating the Darrow School, a place for girls like her – the illegitimate and pushed aside. The school is a place for girls to learn to take care of themselves and do so without needing a man, as Effie did. However, now a man Effie fell in love with as a girl has returned to her life.

Lizzy Cray, brand influencer, is at the peak of her fame… only she isn’t real. Mackenzie Craymore, the real name behind the face, has pushed forward after disappearing from the limelight twelve years prior when her fiancé, Lucky Blumenthal, died in a tragic car accident. Now she hides behind her false persona, and avoids all interviews about her past.