Healing Hearts in Jenns Cove


Doctor Katie Gallagher is a well-respected ER physician at a big hospital in Seattle, living the live she thinks she wants – but then a call from her older sister in the middle of the night has her racing back to her hometown to handle her father’s practice as he recovers from a heart attack. Being home is the last thing Katie wants… at least she thinks so. Merrick Evans is living the fast live in DC when a call changes his life. Becoming a new single dad to a five-year-old boy has Merrick rethinking his life choices, and taking an offer to work in Jenns Cove for an environmental research company. Katie jumps to conclusions about Merrick, thanks to local gossip, but soon learns there’s far more than meet the eye. The only problem is that Katie is supposed to go back to Seattle when her dad is well again… right? Merrick and his son are making Katie want things she never thought she would, but is a happy ending possible for two headstrong people from different parts of the country?

This delightful conclusion to the Jenns Cove series ties up the Gallagher family love stories with a pretty bow. Katie has been somewhat of a closed-off character due what she perceives as abandonment when she was a child. Merrick breaks through Katie’s walls – with the help of his adorable son – but she fights tooth and nail! Their chemistry is sizzling from the get-go. Katie’s waffling may be irritating at some points, but at the same time, readers can understand why. Their chemistry sizzles off the pages, causing e-readers to double as fans. Overall, a delightful and satisfying conclusion to the Gallaghers of Jenns Cove. Well done, Mr. Sanderson!

Piper Valentine