Before Brady: A Never-Him Bridesmaid Romance


CONTEMPORARY: Alicia Maxwell is dedicated, putting all of her focus and energy into making her bakery, Bitty Cakes, a rousing success – without any help or interference from her police officer father and brothers. Alicia is so determined to succeed that she has erected walls around herself to prevent anyone from getting in her way. When she lands the gig of providing a full-size slicing cake and dozens of cupcakes for an anniversary party, things devolve into chaos which she’s afraid could ruin the reputation of her bakery, not to mention the couple are Brady’s parents, the sexy, yummylicious cop who pulled her over for speeding just the other week. Sparks sure fly, but there’s one major problem – Alicia has sworn off dating cops because she’s related to so many of them, but Brady is determined to be the exception to her rule. Can this man in blue break down Alicia’s walls so they can explore the sizzling chemistry between them? Or will Alicia blow her chance at true happiness over the uniform Brady wears?

Well, prepare to be glued to the pages and not move until you’re done with this fun, lighthearted rom-com that will leave readers smiling throughout! Ms. Procter-King continues her series with this wonderfully delicious installment, which will have newcomers backtracking to read the previous tales. The story is engrossing and fun, moving at a steady pace. Readers will be rooting for Brady to win over Alicia, and the getting to that point is wonderful fun – not to mention the descriptions of the cakes will have readers salivating (recipes, please!). The characters are delightful, and the locale picturesque. Readers looking for a quick and charming read need look no further. Simply enchanting!

Piper Valentine