Holiday Queen


CONTEMPORARY: Camille has worked her rear end off to become successful in her chosen career, and she thought her long-term boyfriend was with her all the way – until she walks in on him cheating on her with his secretary. Fuming more than hurt, Camille gets a picture text from a stunningly good looking stranger… a wrong number text was never so hot – or perfectly timed. Trent finally caved to pressure from his sister to get back out in the dating world, and his first attempt seems to have ghosted him, so he sends a text to what he thinks is her number – and finds Camille instead. A rash offer to join him for a drink sets these two off on a path neither of them saw coming, beginning with a drink and a good laugh which leads to partnering for a charity scavenger hunt the next day, but can true happiness be found just like that? Or is Camille just using Trent as her rebound guy?

This is a wonderfully fun and quick read that is perfect to curl up with for an hour during this cold weather! Camille is feisty and determined to have fun, regardless of the fact she just broke up with her long-term boyfriend. Trent is such a sweetheart of a hottie, trying to date for the first time since losing his wife, and the fact he’s so sweet will have hearts melting. Their banter is fabulous and their chemistry is off-the-charts sizzling. Readers will fall in love with this couple, and swoon as their story leads them to a happy ever after they both deserve. All-around charming and simply delightful!

Piper Valentine