Reviews - Historical

TIME TRAVEL:  When Fay Driscoll signs up to model in a fashion show at Grancourt Castle, she has no idea that the dress she is given to wear is cursed. When she is abruptly propelled backward hundreds of years into the past, Fay discovers that the entire castle is cursed as well.

Lady Summer married Baron Mowbray of Suffolk, an old and cruel man, in order to help her family. All the Baron wants is a bevy of heirs, no matter the cost to Summer’s health, and after several miscarriages she bears him a son. When he suddenly dies in his sleep, his nephew Sir Warren Mowbray arrives to claim what he believes is his rightful land.

REGENCY:  It is London, 1812, and Lavender Montgomery is not impressed with her debut season.  The tedious balls and endless visits come a pale second to a cozy fire and a good book.  She is certainly not impressed with the rude and cynical Lord Fairmont, whose brother was recently murdered.  With all his attention focused on discovering the killer, Fairmont finds his growing attraction to quic

Catherine Bradshaw has travelled from London to New York to join her future husband, Jeremy Flint.  Although she barely knows Jeremy, she already fears him. She is abducted immediately after the wedding by Rive St. Clair, a French army captain who suspects Flint is responsible for several heinous crimes, and has sworn to take revenge on him.

Pillars of Avalon
Katherine Pym,
Jude Pittman

English newlyweds David and Sara Kirke have been granted leave by King Charles I to sail to Canada and raid the French-Canadian shores, intercepting ships loaded with goods meant for the French. When Louis XIII is informed of these goings on he is outraged, and King Charles reneges on his promise to David and Sara, leaving them in dire straits.