Reviews - Historical

Home of Her Heart

Sergeant Klayne Campbell has never known much love and laughter, but when he meets Delaney Danvers, he is immediately drawn to her sweetness and ready laugh. With World War II raging, however, Klayne knows his time at the base might be short. When he finds out he is leaving on a top-secret mission, he knows he has to do the impossible and make Delaney his.

Summer Holiday (Timeless Victorian Collection)
Nancy Campbell Allen, Sarah M. Eden,
Annette Lyon

This Victorian-era romance anthology invites one into the lives of three women who refuse to dampen their dreams for society.

A mysterious illness is sweeping the land, and Gus, Laird of Caithness Castle, is desperate to save his people. His only hope is to kidnap Sybilla, an English woman with reputed mystical powers strong enough to stop the illness in its tracks.  The only problem?

Sir Christopher “Kit” Emory met the lady of his dreams on the day tragedy befell the royal court. One chance meeting with Lady Alys de Montfort seals both their hearts, but with the death of the Queen, Alys returns home to study and Kit goes on to marry his betrothed. Many years later, his mother falls ill and he seeks out Lady Alys. On his way, he is attacked by bandits and nearly killed.

Divine Gamble

Maisy Macoubrie has been in hiding since she witnessed her former lover murder her father in cold blood. She seeks refuge with her aunt in order to raise her son, and Maisy travels the circuit dealing faro in saloons to provide for her boy and keep the cold-blooded killer away. When she saves a gunman in an alley, it changes everything.