Reviews - Historical

Closed Hearts

Lady Grace is hiding from her vile uncle, the Duke of Chesham. An impromptu scheme hatched by her cousin Beatrice has her pretending to be a French seamstress at Greystone Hall. However, the few vulgar phrases of French she knows are hardly a good disguise and her tendency to see ghosts does not help.

Sylvia Stafford has long since given up on love. After her father’s suicide ended  her hopes of marriage and family, she is seeking simply to be content. Her position as governess to a kind family has to be enough — and it is, until her past love's sister desperately seeks Sylvia's help. Colonel Sebastian Conrad is hiding from the world after being wounded during the Sepoy Rebellion.

Widow Kate Crowmore is believed to have committed adultery — society's greatest sin. Seeking to avoid the scandal she travels to Blackhaven, where she finds refuge with friends. The last person she expects to seek her company is local clergyman Tristam Grant.

A Cornish Connection

Much to his chagrin, Harry Bryce is forced to take a holiday at the height of his career with the War Office.

Tea watched her father die fighting a battle with the Eagle clan, her family’s greatest enemy.  She seeks revenge for his death, but her brother is now leader of the Wolf clan and betroths Tea to the new Eagle chieftain, Galan mac Muin. When Tea meets Galan sparks of both hatred and strong attraction fly.