Pillars of Avalon

Katherine Pym,
Jude Pittman

English newlyweds David and Sara Kirke have been granted leave by King Charles I to sail to Canada and raid the French-Canadian shores, intercepting ships loaded with goods meant for the French. When Louis XIII is informed of these goings on he is outraged, and King Charles reneges on his promise to David and Sara, leaving them in dire straits. It takes years for the King to relent, but when he does David is knighted, and the couple are granted the colony of Newfoundland and Labrador for their loyalty.  Soon, though, war crosses the ocean to their doorstep. David is arrested and taken away in chains back to England. While he is away, Sara must manage the plantation and find the strength to manage on her own. 

 A fictional retelling of the upheaval during the reign of King Charles I, authors Katherine Pym and Jude Pittman have written a richly detailed account of court life. Full of insight and historical research, "Pillars of Avalon" provides readers with a front-row seat to Charles' court and the seeds of the Puritan revolution. It is a fascinating account of love, hope, and the struggles faced by the Kirkes while settling in the New World. The writing is at times "old English", which can be difficult to read, however patient readers will be rewarded with this engrossing travel into history. 

 L Kane