Endearing (Knight Everlasting #1)


TIME TRAVEL:  When Fay Driscoll signs up to model in a fashion show at Grancourt Castle, she has no idea that the dress she is given to wear is cursed. When she is abruptly propelled backward hundreds of years into the past, Fay discovers that the entire castle is cursed as well. She finds notes left in a book that explain she is not the only victim of the curse, and only true love can break the spell. Fay is left confused and overwhelmed with the knowledge that three women before her have failed. As she tries to keep the truth of her identity a secret, she must find true love and break the curse. , How will she manage such a feat — even if the handsome Sir Tristan is willing to marry her?

"Endearing" is a fun time-travel romance that pulls the reader into a faraway time. Readers will be enthralled watching Fay wade through the confusion of the curse that has sent her to Medieval England. The descriptions of the castle and people of the time feel realistic and well developed. The back and forth pull between Sir Tristan and Fay keeps the reader in suspense, wondering if their relationship will bloom and eventually break the curse. Unfortunately, as the story comes to an abrupt end, the reader is left with many more questions than answers. Some of the story and the heroine’s thoughts felt vague at times, but perhaps the answers lie in the next book. Overall, the story is fun, suspenseful and creative!

Dahlia Gosney