Summer’s Reign (Seasons of Fortitude #2)


Lady Summer married Baron Mowbray of Suffolk, an old and cruel man, in order to help her family. All the Baron wants is a bevy of heirs, no matter the cost to Summer’s health, and after several miscarriages she bears him a son. When he suddenly dies in his sleep, his nephew Sir Warren Mowbray arrives to claim what he believes is his rightful land. With the King demanding she choose a new husband and Sir Warren trying to claim what belongs to her son, Summer is left with few choices. Her attraction to Warren is powerful, but can she trust another Mowbray, especially one who suspects her of murdering her husband?

As soon as the book begins, readers will feel the anguish and struggle Lady Summer has had to endure in her life. With the loss of her most recent child and the cruelty of her heartless husband, her pain is palpable. "Summer's Reign" is rich in detail, with well-developed and strong characters, leaving the reader with a very clear image as the book progresses. Though Summer has been misused greatly, she is filled with determination to take life into her own hands. The emotional struggle between Sir Warren and Lady Summer will keep the reader wanting more with every page. Add in some sleepwalking humor, a murder mystery with twists and turns, and a forbidden romance, and historical romance readers have an addicting story they will not soon forget!

Dahlia Gosney