Reviews - Historical

When Sinclair’s path crosses Captain Hunter’s, the Union scout is terrified. Thankfully, Hunter’s horse rears, throwing him into the river, bumps his head, knocking him unconscious. Sinclair does the unthinkable - rescues Hunter, before riding off.

English knight William Fitzhugh has just been named Lord of Higham. When he arrives, he finds many trials awaiting him. The former lord, Roscales, absconds with everything not tied down, including valuable herbs and salt. The castle has no furnishings, and the people are clamoring for their needs to be met. William sets eyes on a beautiful, petite girl with dark coloring.

Jared Lippincott, sixth Duke of Wyndmere, has been doing damage control since becoming duke. His brother Oliver, the previous duke, soiled the family name by having numerous affairs with married women and bankrupting the estate. Jared has refreshed the family coffers and is currently working on restoring the family name so his sister will be able to wed a proper gentleman.

The Dowager Duchess of Harrowden has requested the matchmaker sisters to secure a wife for her son, the duke. But not just any wife, a love match. Amelia Blackmore finds the idea intriguing and finds herself soon on the way to Harrowden Hall under the facade of being a companion to the Duchess.

Magic in Mayflowers

Anne Deighton has resigned herself to becoming a spinster. Her two engagements ended tragically, so she sees nothing in her future. In fact, she welcomes the quiet life that awaits her. However, she wants to match her sister, Beth, to a wealthy gentleman of title and means so the same fate doesn’t befall her sibling.