Where the Thistle Grows (Pict by Time #1)


Caitriona Murray has been obsessed with the ancient tales of the legendary Pict King Brodyn and his unnamed wife for ages. She has even seen him in her dreams. When she joins an archaeological excavation in the caves of Scotland, she is finally moments away from a great discovery. In fact, she believes that the cave they’ve chosen to explore is none other than the burial site of King Brodyn. As she explores the cave, she finds herself transported through time. Lost in an unfamiliar place, she is surprised to stumble upon the man of her dreams.

The blood-rushing romance, whiplash of emotions, and teeth-chattering ending of “Where the Thistle Grows” creates a perfect storm that is unputdownable! At first, the novel follows the same age-old trope of time-travel and unexpected love; however, Mia Pride incorporates several key twists that give it a whole new meaning. In a world where the storyline could easily be lost to the complexity of time, Mia Pride weaves a beautiful tale of love. As the storyline progresses, the ending seems obvious; however, in the last quarter of the novel each page contains unexpected twists and turns that unravel to reveal the heart-felt ending. The way that each character is tied together with clear purpose gives the story depth that it couldn’t have otherwise. Even the smallest of side characters comes with a significant task of melding all the pieces together. King Brodyn and Caitriona Murray’s tale may not have a perfect beginning, but their story is both heart-warming and heart-wrenching.

Sadie Wilson