Stealing the Duke (Marry a Mabry Book)


Lady Joanna “Jo” Mabry loves and borrows books from other society members’ personal libraries. When Jo is invited to the home of James Huntington, the Duke of Northwick’s, she discovers his coveted book collection. She is awed by the number of books the duke has and decides to find a book she can abscond with. Jo spies a book titled “Educating the Female Species” which sparks her curiosity, so she takes it. James adores his library. When he notices a book is missing, he wonders who took it. Whoever did will quickly realize it’s not an educational book but hiding another titled inside: the “Illustrated Pleasures of Seduction.” James suspects that it might be Jo who took his book and finds this highly humorous, because when she finds out what the book is about she might regret taking it after all.

This is such a rollicking, humorous, enjoyable book—simply enchanting! There could have been more to the thievery and “using” the tome, but the story still sticks to the mores and ideals of the period. “Stealing the Duke” might not seem original, especially since it seems based on a familiar classic, but Ms. Post brings her own unique spin to the tale which doesn’t make a mockery of the much-loved story but gives it new life. Jo is similar to her American counterpart, yet manages to be a strong-willed, feisty heroine that is instantly appealing. James, the bibliophile hero, pales in comparison, even though he is perfectly swoon-worthy and a fantastic book hero. This Regency-inspired “Little Women” is truly a delight!

Roslynn Ernst