Between the Sky and the Sea

Williams Kline

Lavinia Onslow is on board the Pulaski with her father. The year is 1838 and Lavinia happens to catch the attention of a young man who she comes to know as Daniel. One fateful night the Pulaski seems to have some trouble with the boiler, and it explodes, sinking the ship. Most of the passengers on board the Pulaski are drowned in the frigid waters, but Lavinia survives. As she struggles to stay afloat, almost despairing, someone finally jumps in and rescues her. For four days, Lavinia and Daniel float, surrounded by nothing but sea. They talk and get to know one another. All the while, Lavinia wonders whether her father is still alive or if he went down with the ship. In amongst worrying about her father, Lavinia’s interest in Daniel grows. There is something happening between the two of them as they wonder if they will ever be rescued.

“Between the Sky and the Sea” is a stirring adventure. The passionate feelings sparking between Lavinia and Daniel grow with each page as readers watch the two face a raft of troubles. Facing their struggles head on together allows the castaway couple to learn about each other more deeply. Lisa Williams Kline throws enough history in with the romance to pique the interest of the readers and keep them turning the pages as they wonder what will happen between Daniel and Lavinia. With a little more editing, “Between the Sky and the Sea” would be a romance for the ages making this a book no one could put down.

Stephanie Bell