Thoroughly Seduced (Book 4 of the Aldbey Park Series)


Birdie Darley is on a mission to find who is stealing the horses. In amongst this mystery, she doesn’t expect to fall for someone who she dislikes and who dislikes her. However, though she might be falling for this man, she is still not sure who is stealing the horses. For all she knows, it could be this man, Ten, who is stealing the horses—while also stealing her heart. In the back of her mind, she knows they are attracted to each other. He seems to not want anything to do with her, but the little things Ten does for her show her otherwise. Will Birdie Darley and Ten succumb to their feelings while trying to solve the mystery behind who is stealing the horses? Or will they both continue to dislike each other and move on with their lives after the mystery is solved?

“Thoroughly Seduced” is the fourth book within the Aldbey Park Series, but it can be read as a standalone. It’s romance, mystery, adventure with a little history thrown in. Fans of historical romance will get a little of everything with this romantical tale. Chantry Dawes throws just enough of a history lesson in with the romance to keep her readers interested. The descriptive imagery portrayed in this easy read shows the readers how much passion the two main characters have for each other throughout the story, making this a read for anyone who is looking for a light romance. Fans of Chantry Dawes are sure to fulfill their romantic adventure desires with this wonderful read!

Stephanie Bell