Fleur de Lis (The Gents Book 3)

Sarah M.

Thirteen years ago, an invitation to play an unknown sport, introduced Henri Fortier to a circle of friends that became family, away from his home country of France. Now his choice to remain in England is straining his familial relationships and leaving his income insufficient. A house party with his family, and friends, the Gents, might help resolve issues except the guest list is changed last minute. One of the additional guests is none other than Nicolette Beaulieu, the woman who broke his heart. Nicolette agreed to travel to England with her family but not for the house party. After recovering from a near disastrous engagement, her place in Marquis De Lafayette’s secret network has given her room to thrive, and she’s determined to carry out her latest mission. Both Henri and Nicolette have secrets but when they reunite, feelings stir, threats loom, and opportunities might be within reach.

A slow burn romance set just between the American and French Revolutions, “Fleur De Lis” matches a pair of French aristocrats and leads them in a slow dance that pairs them neatly together and leaves the reader sighing in contentment. Although the dance is given a bit of drama with spies, former lovers, and spiteful relatives stirring the plot, the conclusion is evident from the beginning. And while this story can be read alone, it does bring in characters from the previous two books and is best enjoyed in order. For those who have read the previous books, the inclusion of all the Gents brings additional enjoyment and hints of delightful things to come! Truly, a charming  romantic read for lovers of Regency romance!

Sarah E Bradley